Friday, 11 May 2012

I have to start somewhere....

Here it is, my first blog. It feels rather strange and a bit daunting to be doing this. I am  writing this as part of the CPD23 Things course. As the only member of staff in a small secondary school library I am looking forward to reading the other blogs and  learning all sorts of new and interesting things.


  1. Hi Em,
    I'm a solo school librarian too. Good luck with CPD23, this is my second year of trying to complete but I'm determined to keep on track. Best wishes

  2. Hi Em
    I think many of us who have started this cpd23 process feel unsure about blogging and commenting on other people's thoughts but I'm really beginning to see it's a great way to get not just good ideas but also confirmation of your own opinions - particularly hard when you are on your own and often not fully appreciated. Keep it up!

  3. I second Sue D! Blogging is totally new to me too and daunting is definitely the right word. But it feels good to be daunted but doing it anyway. All the best with cpd23!